Student feedback on CAS in BIZ (abridged)

I have personally enjoyed this seminar very much. It is rare that a class and seminar series is able to attract such high-level talent and cutting edge speakers. Professor Menczer did an excellent job.

Overall I felt the class was a great experience. Personally I haven't had many other classes that have covered this material. I felt a lot of the subject matter was over my head, but I think being exposed to these topics in this fashion was beneficial in that it increased my interest in the field of complex systems.

I have enjoyed the class. I liked gaining an abstract understanding of the advanced, complicated concepts covered in the class. I have especially enjoyed seeing real world applications for these types of concepts. Too often classes introduce advanced concepts without giving real, useful applications.

I agree that the class was a great experience. I also think that both of the style and organization of the class were fresh and exciting. I hope we would have other chances to continue explore the exciting word of complex adaptive system.

I feel the class was a nice way to become exposed to complex topics without going over my head. I enjoyed the style of the class and the way the topics were presented.

I was excited going into this class because rarely can you find a class that goes beyond the academics of a topic and introduce real world applications presented by talented researchers. Overall, it was an excellent concept for a class.

I enjoyed seeing the applications that follow from the knowledge we are gaining in all of our classes. I could see beyond my academic program to career opportunities. Fil, I appreciated that you would consistently focus on the "take home message" in student presentations and that you asked the presenters what skills we would need to be successful in their research areas. This class addressed areas sometimes missing in our classes - real world applications, career opportunities, take home messages, and necessary skill sets to meet our career goals.

I am taking this course after hearing a buzz that it is highly likely that this course will not be offered again in any semester. So far, I really enjoyed the seminar including the preliminary overview given by classmates. You folks are wonderful!

Thanks Prof. Menczer, for such intelligent seminar series.

In my opinion, the class itself was great in terms of the fact that it provided us with numerour great inspirations on the complex/adaptive systems and its practical applications.

Speaking as one who doesn't have much background of this complex system, i realized that there were so many things that i missed after the series of siminars. i personally loved most of the topics that introduced me to the world of complex system and what's behind the idea...

The class is very informative. Before I took the class, I had a very vague idea of how Complex Adaptive Systems are used in business and other sciences, such as biology, areas. Now I have more knowledge on it. On the other hand, it helped me to understand better on some issues for my Finance class.

This course is a good opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge in different fields, it can also provide them with some research direction and research methods.

I agree that the class is a great experience. It covers different fields and its style and organization is fresh and exiting.

I think this class is a great expenrience for me, it is fresh, informative. I never took this kind of class before. I really enjoy the speakers' presentations, which not only cover wider fields, but also include some of their practical expenriences.

The seminar series has thus far exceeded my expectations. I have no personal favorites because most of the speakers have tried hard to explain the technical aspects of their research and applications from a business standpoint.

Personally, I like the time that the speakers are able to spend with us students after they have delivered their talks, answering any queries that we might have.

Taking this course with little knowledge about Adaptive systems and agent based models, I have come to a level where I not only can understand what the speakers are highlighting but also ask myself and the speakers some relevant questions which I feel is a great achievement. For me personally,the most interesting talks interest-wise are yet to come. Eagerly looking forward to the remaining part of the course.

I think the course design of this class is very creative. It is a nice way to be exposed to the complex adaptive system world within a short period like this.

This course was great, it provided us with some inspirations on complex adaptive systems and its applications. I really enjoyed most of those intersting lectures presented by the talented guest speakers, but some topics were harder than I had expected...

As most other people did, I felt the class was a great experience. It covered many hot topics in the management science area. I learned from this class what experts were thinking and doing. It broadened my knowlege.

The seminar has been very good, far exceeding my expectations. Coming into the class without much understanding about complex adaptive systems, I feel that I know a liitle about them now and also thier business applications. I appreciate Prof. Menczer's effort to introduce not only the PHd students but also the Masters' students, to some of the interesting research areas.

This class (6K:299) is generally a very interesting class. It provided students an overall view of what's happening in this field, and the application of new technology in the business area.

The best part about this course is that before we come to the seminar, we've already had some idea about what each guest speaker is going to talk,and this really helps a lot. Before taking this course, I don't have any idea what it is about. As the course going on, I've learned many hottest topics in this area. It is very useful.

I have to say this class opened a door for me to understand the complex system and different modles used in this area. Same as the above people,I don't have any idea about what's complex system and how we can use IT to explain and solve some problems with it before taking this course.
Now,at least I feel that I know a little about them and their business applications also.This class really stimulates my interest on this area.
I'd love to learn more about it in the future.

I think the class is a great one, it gives students the chance to gain knowlege about the exciting research topics in management science. Although I do not have much background in complex adaptive systems, the class did increase my interest in the related fields, and now I have more understanding of them. Also the presentations of both the guest speakers and students helped me improve my analytical skills and understanding of concepts and applications. Overall I enjoy taking 6K:299.

I agree with other students. This class is great. It gives students opportunity to have some exposure to the complex adaptive system area, which, I think, is relatively new to most students. We also get some idea how these systems are utilized in in the real business settings. This is very useful for the students who are interested in pursuing a career in this field. I feel it's really helpful that Prof. Menczer asked some speakers about the career opportunity in this field.

Overall, it is a great class.

The class provides us opportunities to understand the real world applications of the cutting edge technologies. Students' presentations really help us to preview those speakers' theories.

Like most of you, I'd give this course a A+ rating without hesitation.

this series seminar has given me a wonderful learning opportunity to broaden my knowledge in MIS field. This also helps me to better position myself for my career because right now I know more about what is going to happen in the future in the field of information technology. I wish more such seminars will be organized in the future.

I have enjoyed this course tremendously. I specifically like the fact that different industries are represented in the lecture series. I also think that the fact that students have to research and introduce guest speakers is a very good idea.

I have not had much expose to EAs. However, this class has illustrated the logic behind how alogrithms work and sparked a strong interest in me to learn more. I would recommend an application class to be offered along side this class, in the future. This would enhance the learning students go through in the class. This was fun!!!

I enjoyed the class and the lectures. The speakers were a great opportunity for everyone to experience and learn the state of research into new areas. By this, students were provided with an illustration of ways to continue on in developing personal and professional knowledge beyond simply getting a good I/S job with the mastery of todays skills.

I think what the seminar series provided the most was an appreciation for how much more there is to understand and develop in the study of information science.

I think this class provides me with a good opportunity to get a start on the path of AI. I enjoyed the class and the lectures very much. All the topics are cutting edge and interesting, the speakers give us some basic background knowledge and also the advanced technique, and it has inspired my interest in the filed.

This is pretty much the class that I was waiting for. I took a similar class as an undergraduate and this one was much more comfortable. The lecture speakers rarely crossed into technical levels that would have made them difficult to understand. I agree with other students that the material covered in the student presentations helped to understand the subsequent lectures. While I doubt that this course will have any short term affect on my career, this is the sort of class that I've been waiting for from this department. It caught my imagination, and I would definitely like to see more lecture series of this type in the future.