Documentation on the computing resources @ CNetS

This is a collection of documents explaining how to use the computing resources at the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research, at Indiana University.

The collection currently contains the following documents:

  1. Mandatory usage guidelines. Read this first before anything else.
  2. How to connect to the servers via SSH.
  3. What is the GFS and how to use it effectively
  4. How to organize your Python code.
  5. Common mistakes when coding with Python.
  6. How to contribute to this collection.
  7. How to add new MapReduce classes on Moe.
  8. Web of Science Terms of Use Mandatory for WoS users.

What's missing

Other formats

If you'd rather read on paper than on screen, you can convert the howtos to PDF using the provided Makefile. First clone the repository into your local machine (this requires a IU account). Then install pandoc, XeTeX and the Linux Libertine fonts; on Ubuntu these are all stock packages. Once you have everything installed, you can generate the PDFs with:

make docs